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 Tui-Na Massage


     Tui-Na massage is one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.  It is Chinese Medical Manipulation used for preventing and treating diseases.  Tui-Na means push/pull-lift. As Dr. Xie of Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine writes Tui-na has a long history, as early as the period of the New Stone Age around 2700 B.C. Chinese ancestors gradually accumulated primitive experiences of massage in their attempts to treat illness and injury. For example, treatment with hand pressing, kneading and stroking was called "An-fa" and "Rou-fa".  It is often used with one of the following modalities; Massage, Acupressure, Physical Therapy, and Chiropractic Manipulation. 

      Tui-Na often enhances acupuncture and or herbal clinical results.  It is widely applied in musculoskeletal conditons such as arthritis, geriatric diseases such as general weakness, internal diseases such as diarrhea & indigestion, pediatric diseases such as viral infections, and it is used for performance enhancement.  Tui Na regulates meridians and promotes circulation of Qi and Blood, balance Zang-Fu organs and strengthen the body's resistance.
     Patients often enjoy this method of treatment and it can be a daily follow up care program for the owner to do at home.  It differs from Animal Chiropractic since it focuses on the whole body, meridians & acupoints are manipulated, and over 200 different styles of Tui-Na exist!