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Therapeutic Exercises

 Canine Rehab CT therapeutic exercises Squibnocket Animal Center Brookfield CT and Valley Veterinary Hospital New Milford CT


    Therapeutic exercises are also important in rehabilitation.  Exercises are designed for each pet's specific needs for recovery.  Exercises help the patient with not only strengthening muscles but with increasing flexibility to gain feeling and use their limbs again.    We work with patients on passive exercises, assisted exercises, and active range of motion.  Squibnocket Animal Center uses exercise equipment that include physio balls, physio rolls, balance boards, and cavaletti poles.  A home exercise program can also be customized to further your pet's recovery.  

     Passive range of motion exercises are performed to help patients with awareness of neuromuscular structure and function.  These exercises help maintain and / or improves joint mobility and can improve flexibility of muscles & tendons as well as ligaments.  

     Assisted exercises help the patients with the awareness of where their feet are placed.  This is crucial  to pets that are regaining the ability to use their limbs and where to place them as they walk.  We often use physio balls as well as the balance boards to develop muscle contraction and weight shifting.  These exercises also help to re-develop balance when standing.  

     Active exercises can be used at home as well as at Squibnocket Animal Center.  These include treadmill exercise, dancing, leash walks for a specific period of time at a slow speed, wheel barrowing, and pole weaving.  The goal is to re-develop muscle mass so our patients can regain the strength and function of their legs.