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Cat Euthanasia




One of the more important services we provide owners whose cats are terminally ill or suffering is our euthanasia service. The decision to euthanize a pet is always an important and difficult one, and we will spend time with you long before any decision needs to be made in order to do everything possible for your cat’s quality of life.

We recommend talking with of our doctors before any euthanasia decision is made because there are many basic and common sense treatments we can utilize to increase your cat’s quality of life before the problem progresses and your cat is suffering. When the time comes we will let you know.

The loss of a cat is sometimes not accepted or appreciated by those who have had no similar experiences. When a loss happens there are steps to deal with the pain. The first thing to realize is that your feelings of grief and sadness are real. It is not as many people would say, only a cat, not a person. Your cat provided joy and meaning in your daily routine. Let yourself feel the sadness and express it in many forms some of which are listed below. Do not bottle the feelings of loss within yourself. If you bottle the feelings within you the grieving process will not continue and you may not be able to risk again loving and having a cat.

When euthanasia is appropriate we will help you medically in any way you need. We will reserve one of our exam rooms for your exclusive and private use. You can use it as long as you need. Please let us know ahead of time what we can do to make the experience a little easier. By all means, bring a special toy or blanket your cat is familiar with to make the process less stressful.

It is important to complete all paperwork before we actually euthanize your cat. This lets us concentrate on your cat’s needs, and allows you to just walk out of the hospital when the service has been performed. You can stay in the exam room as long as you need, in complete privacy, before leaving.

Most people prefer to be present with the doctor when their cat is euthanized. To make the experience smoother for your cat one of our nurses will bring your cat into our treatment area and place a catheter in its vein and also give your cat light sedation. When your cat returns to the exam room you can take as much time as you need before our doctor gives the final injection with you present. The catheter and sedation allow us to give the final injection smoothly. Your cat will peacefully fall asleep within a few seconds.

We can perform the euthanasia without your presence if you do not want to be present. This can be done in our treatment area, and we can let you know immediately when it has been performed. You can always view your cat just after euthanasia has been completed if you need the closure.

A private cremation service is available. This is a popular service and one of our receptionists will give you options when you complete your paperwork prior to euthanasia. There are several different urns you can choose, from basic to elegant. We can also make a print of your cat’s paw in ceramic clay.

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