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Preventative Health Care

A healthy pet is a happy pet!


Regular wellness exams and wellness testing are the most important things you do to insure your pet lives a long, healthy & pain free life.

Detecting problems early, before pain or advanced disease makes treatment difficult are the key benefits.

There is strong scientific evidence that paying attention to these areas will improve the quality  & quantity of your pets life, something all pet lovers want.

These are the wellness scores we perform as part of every 14 step physical exam.

1) Pets age group ( Puppy, Junior, Adult, Senior, Geriatric)

2) Pain Score 0 to 10

3) Body Condition Score 1 to 9

4) Muscle Condition Score mild to severe

5) Dental Grade 0  to 4

Of course our physical exam/consultation covers all other organ systems and preventative steps but focusing on these 5 helps direct our efforts so we can have the greatest positive impact!

Wellness Testing

After the 14 step physical exam no area has been more helpful to insure wellness than laboratory testing. It is our challenge to pick up hidden problems that our physical exam cannot identify. This would include urinary infections, kidney disease, liver problems, pancreas and digestive disorders and many others.  Our in house technology and expertly trained staff insures quick, accurate diagnoses.  We also rely heavily on our advanced diagnostic testing laboratories. Wellness testing should begin with baseline testing in the first year or two of adulthood  then be done yearly after age 5 to 7 depending upon breed. With over 254 breeds with at least one inherited disorder routine wellness testing can help identify the presence and help prevent problems. Increasingly we now have laboratories that can actually predict diseases based on DNA.

As well as constant continuing education (both in house and travel based) we follow the guidelines set by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) for vaccinations & senior wellness, the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) for Feline Lifestage Guidelines, the American Heartworm Society (AHWS) for heartworm prevention and the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) for parasite prevention and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for animal to human disease risks.


 The AVMA & AAHA have  released their wellness guidelines for cats & dogs.

A 14 step comprehensive physical exam and breed and age specific wellness testing is the most important thing we do for pets.

It is vital that we know your pet is free of problems (such as heart murmurs,  oral diseases, ear and skin infections, fleas and ticks, and abdominal disorders) before any vaccine is administered or medication prescribed.

After a complete history is taken by one of our well trained  exam room assistants we will know where we need to focus to have the best outcomes.

Another vital component of the yearly (pets 1 to 6) and semi-annual (pets 7 and up) is laboratory wellness tests. Evolutionarily pets have been programmed to NOT show signs of illness and appear normal even when underlying disease is present.

In each pet we give a score to dental health, body condition, muscle, and pain score. We also record any problems or diagnoses identified in our database  for future retrieval, outcome studies or health alerts or new medication availability.

14 Preventative Health Care Steps

Heart rate, Respiratory Rate & Temperature 

Lymph Nodes




Pain Score


Body Condition

Dental Grade 

Muscle Score 



Skeleton/ nervous system  



All of this is fully prioritized, charted and recorded electronically.

This comprehensive approach of a 14 step physical examination, including scoring of these vital wellness components along with state of the art age and breed specific testing allows us to be very proactive in helping your pet achieve vitality and live a long and healthy life!