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Ozone Therapy

We are pleased to offer ozone therapy as a sole or adjunctive treatment option. There are many disease processes in which ozone can assist.

What is it?
Ozone therapy is a form of Oxygen therapy. It promotes healing by flooding the body with oxygen. At the same time, it also helps to kill microorganisms, improve cellular function and promotes the healing of damaged tissues.

Brief history of ozone therapy

  • Ozone therapy has been proven to be very safe and effective through over 3000 medical references in the German literature.
  • The medical use of Oxygen/Ozone became widespread in the early 1900’s in Europe when Oxygen/Ozone was used with excellent results for a variety of conditions including skin diseases, gangrene, burns, trench foot and influenza in humans.
  • In 1920, Dr T.H. Oliver reported the clinical uses of Bio-Oxidative therapies in the Lancet, a highly respected medical journal.
  • As of 1929, more than 114 diseases were listed for treatment with Oxygen/Ozone therapy. Around the same time, a Swiss dentist, Dr. E.A. Fisch introduced the concept of Oxygen/Ozone in dentistry and published numerous papers on the subject.
  • In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won his first Nobel Prize for his discovery that the fundamental cause of all degenerative disease is a condition called hypoxia (oxygen starvation at the cellular level)
  • In 1944, Dr Warburg won his second Nobel Prize for his work linking cancer to damaged cell respiration caused by a lack of oxygen and a buildup of toxicity.
  • Ozone/Oxygen therapies are currently being studied and used to treat infection and other malignant conditions in major medical research centers in the U.S. and doctors in over 20 countries throughout the world.

How does it work?

  • Ozone acts in the body in two ways: by oxidation and by oxygenation
  • Ozone is an ‘activated’ form of oxygen where there are actually three atoms of oxygen attached together, forming a molecule that is “O3”. Because the molecule of Ozone (O3) is extremely unstable, when entered into the body, it forms oxygen (O2) and a single atom of Oxygen.
  • Oxygen (O2) makes a healthy environment for all important healthy cells (Oxygenation). The third single atom of oxygen is attached to any unhealthy cell and pathogens including bacteria, virus, fungi and even parasites and helps to destroy them.

Benefits of Ozone therapy

  1. Chronic infections: including tick diseases (E.G. Lyme disease) and viral diseases.
  2. Chronic inflammatory conditions including IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease), degenerative joint disease, IVDD (Intervertebral disk disease or herniated disk disease) and chronic bronchitis.
  3. Prolozone therapy: when added to standard prolotherapy injections, the results are better in that a stronger and more lasting response occurs such that patience need fewer treatments to reach their target goal of healing
  4. Colon diseases: chronic diarrhea, rectal bleeding
  5. Cancer and other malignancies
  6. Dental procedure