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Meet Dr Dongho Seo

Growing up in the family of a traditional Chinese Medicine physician who utilized acupuncture and herbal medicines, Dr. Dongho Seo had been exposed to the power of natural healing from a  young age. Dr. Seo received his veterinary license in 1995, and his master’s degree in theriogenology in 1997 from South Korea. He later went through extensive training in ultrasound, radiology and internal medicine in veterinary specialty hospitals in the United States. Dr. Seo received his U.S. veterinary license at the school of veterinary medicine of Iowa State University in 2004. He practiced in a couple of conventional veterinary hospitals in New Jersey until 2008. He met Dr. Martin Goldstein, a well-known holistic veterinarian, who became his mentor. Dr. Seo practices integrative veterinary medicine, and has treated numerous pets across the United States.



Dr. Seo also has been publishing articles in Dogs Naturally Magazine, as well as lecturing to pet owners regarding " parasites and allergies in dogs", "how to deal with common digestive issues in pets", "integrative cancer therapies in pets", "inflammatory bowel disease in pets,”"natural approaches to pet allergies," and many other important health issues.



Two things have become Dr. Seo's passions: the prevention and reversal of  chronic diseases.  In order to achieve these goals, he utilizes optimal nutrition and integrative treatments, as well as all necessary western/conventional approaches.  He continues to do research to find the best possible treatment modalities for each pet's condition.