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What is Cryosurgery?

  • Cryosurgery is a type of surgery that uses extreme cold to freeze and destroy unhealthy or abnormal tissues, such as skin tumors.
  • Tumor is precisely destroyed by freezing with cryosurgery probe that is connected to either liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide gas. A small amount of healthy tissue surrounding the tumor is frozen to ensure that the tumor is completely killed.
  • Once tumor is killed, it is rejected by the body and will finally come off in a few weeks when the lesion is filled by healthy tissue.

Benefits of Cryosurgery

  • General anesthesia is not needed other than local block numbing
  • Systemic anti-tumor immune stimulation is generated, which helps to control malignant tumor much easier after Cryosurgery
  • It is cheaper and faster than conventional surgery that requires general anesthesia
  • Freezing may be the most suitable way of getting rid of many different skin lesions at the same time fast and effectively

Indications for Cryosurgery

  • Viral warts
  • Skin tags
  • Many types of benign and malignant tumors can be treated successfully through trained veterinary practitioners with some exception
  • We use cryosurgery to treat both benign and aggressive skin cancer that either have recurred locally following radiation or not curable by conventional surgery or radiation.

Recovery from Cryosurgery

  • Cryosurgery is usually an outpatient procedure, so patients go home the day of treatment
  • Recovery following cryosurgery is rapid

How do I know if my pet is a candidate for Cryosurgery?

  • Please call us to schedule a consultation for your pet. Through consultation, if patient is determined to be a good candidate for Cryosurgery, client will be informed of the detailed information about Cryosurgery, its estimate, post Cryosurgery care and overall prognosis.