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 Dr. A's future associate Frankie: 

Frankie, future Veterinarian

Frankie, future Veterinarian


Posted By :    Kristen (Beckett's Mom)
Posted :    5/10/2016
Comments :    Valley Vet has been great over the past few years since I have been bringing my pup there. Dr. A. is extremely knowledgeable and has always provided excellent care to my furbaby. I have had the honor of meeting his colleague, Dr. Seo,  in the past few months and they are amazing! I can confidently say all of the doctors are phenomenal and I consider myself very lucky to be their client as I am always taken care of by their whole staff!
Posted By :    Cheri Fickett  (
Posted :    5/9/2016
Comments :    I would like to congratulate Vally Vet for 30 yrs. of great service. We have been a client of Dr. A for almost 25 yrs. He has always taken great car of our cats & dogs. Many times we though it was the end for our pet & Dr. A would work his majic, work hard & get that pet back on their feet. Thank you yrs. of wonderful service. I look forward to working with the new Drs. that have joined you. Cheri
Posted By :    Donna Gray
Posted :    5/4/2016
Comments :    Dr A has been taking care of my pets for over 20 yrs. He has always shown his love of his profession with the way he takes that 'extra mile' when dealing with pets that are ill. My dog Molly has serious health issues and he always explains treatment and options to me. Molly has survived for over 2 years with a good quality of life. Thanks Dr. A
Posted By :    Judy (Butters mother)
Posted :    10/27/2015
Comments :    Dr. A saved Butters from loosing all her teeth. So kind and patient as is his staff. Best Vet I have ever been to! Don't hesitate for one second if you want the very best for your loved pet. Now Butter's 3 sisters are going to visit Dr. A
Posted By :    Cheerio & Miley B
Posted :    8/17/2015
Comments :    We feel loved when we visit DrA and his staff at Valley Vet....we are 2 finicky American Eskimo Dogs. ( Ages 17 and 7) and everyone seems to understand us...Dr A put the oldest on a homemade diet that has improved my behavior/ lifestyle and was sensitive to my needs ....I really need my little sister with me when I stay overnight....what a professionally run place! Caring, safe, and dedicated to keeping pets healthy and happy....while educating owners along the way
Posted By :    Marilyn Hurley
Posted :    8/13/2015
Comments :    Dr. A, Dr. Seo, and the whole staff are so patient with Babycakes, even though she turns into "Killercakes" as soon as she walks in the door. Thank God I found Dr. A three years ago. He was the only vet who did a blood profile before administering shots, and discovered her liver problems. We also discovered how dangerous some commercial dog treats can be for our pets. Babycakes has been on Dr. A's supplements and a home-cooked diet ever since, and is a healthy, happy, energetic little pooch (except when she knows she's going for a vet visit). I wish that I'd known Dr. A when I had my other two dogs, as they would have lived a much longer and happier life. Thank you all for your patience and sense of humor in dealing with our little "darling"!
Posted By :    Lucy Ma
Posted :    7/23/2015
Comments :    Dr. Seo is the best! He has an impressive background in natural healing, and he truly cares about my little angel. He's very kind and patient. He always answers all my questions and make sure that I understand it completely. He Only use the most effective holistic way to treat my little angel. The long hours of driving to the hospital is very well worth it, because I know that my little angel is in good hands.
Posted By :    Leslie Mitchell
Posted :    7/20/2015
Comments :    I have been so impressed with and appreciative of the wonderful care given to my senior Golden Retriever by Dr. A, Dr. Seo, and the wonderful staff at Valley Vet. I always feel 100% confident that my dog is receiving the best and proper care. All the staff is so warm, helpful, and friendly. I have a new dog after changing my dog's diet from the commercial dog food to Dr. A's home cooked food recommendation. I wouldn't take my four-legged friend any where else!!
Posted By :    Valerie Boyle
Posted :    7/3/2015
Comments :    Words can't express how much Dr. A and his staff have impacted our lives in such a positive way! When my Barklee was diagnosed with bone cancer, they all went out of their way to go above and beyond with medical as well as emotional support. Losing him was one of the hardest things I have experienced, but Dr. A and the vet techs were there for my whole family. When I got Daisy, they were patient and understanding during nail trims and ear cleanings, that she did not enjoy at all. Thank you, Dr. A and all of the wonderful people who work with you! You are a blessing to me!
Posted By :    Cyndie A
Posted :    7/1/2015
Comments :    My dachsy had spine surgery 3 weeks ago. We met with Dr A yesterday for a rehab plan. What a calming style he has with both the patient and the mom. I felt very confident in the recommendations he gave me and have started my end of the routine. We are going today for treadmill walking. I am looking forward to working with the doctors and staff. What a great Vet practice.
Posted By :    Pat Youghar  (
Posted :    6/24/2015
Comments :    Dr. Seo is such a kind and gentle person with my dog. He always know new ways to deal with her allergies. The staff at Valley Vet all are so nice!
Posted By :    Jane D  (
Posted :    6/5/2015
Comments :    I am so happy that Dr. Seo joined the team at Valley Vet. I have been with Dr. Seo for many years - he has literally saved my dogs time and time again. He is a gifted veterinarian and truly a wonderful person who always goes above and beyond to help. The staff at Valley Vet are wonderful. So friendly and helpful. Dr. Peter is brilliant and really cares. I am grateful to have all of you for the care of my dogs. Thanks again.
Posted By :    Susan Stryker  (
Posted :    6/3/2015
Comments :    We are a multiple dog family and our dogs have been under the care of Dr. A and his staff for 15 plus years. Everyone at this practice is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and professional. My dogs have thrived with under their care.
Posted By :    Rich Tartaglione  (
Posted :    1/22/2015
Comments :    I Just would like to say I am so happy to say that my 5 year old German Shepherd "Hey Bruno" is doing great since he has been diagnosed with EPI. Dr Antosiewicz has recommended a diet that has got my Bruno back to the health and weight that he was prior to his EPI condition. /Users/Richietee1/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Masters/2015/01/20/20150120-144250/DSCF4801.JPG
Posted By :    Jennifer DeLorenzo-Backer
Posted :    1/20/2015
Comments :    I researched Dr. A a year ago...and my little Welsh Terrier Chloe's allergies got bad enough that I decided to make the hour long trek to meet Dr. A and experience his knowledge about TCM. What other vets couldn't heal, Dr. A healed in 2 months using TCM! He and ALL his staff are very welcoming, they take time to get to know my pets, and treat them which such care. I highly recommend Dr. A and his team to anyone I encounter who loves their pets! Thank you!
Posted By :    Pam
Posted :    1/14/2015
Comments :    Thank you for your compassion!
Posted By :    Val Levy
Posted :    11/23/2014
Comments :    For the last three years my Long Haired Whippet, Django, has suffered from terrible itching due to allergies. I tried all kinds of alternative modalities, but none really helped. After doing allergy testing on him last spring, it seemed he was allergic to the world! I knew I had to try something other than what I was familiar with. I searched, and found Dr. A, and am I ever grateful for his expertise! With some tweaking of the diet and a skillful combination of Chinese Herbs and a bit of allopathic medicine, Django has done beautifully! Within DAYS of beginning the new regimen, I saw a reduction of his symptoms, and within weeks marked improvement. ( And to note, we started his treatment in the HEIGHT of his allergy season!) Now, after just three months on this protocol, his system is balanced and he is virtually symptom free! Thank you Dr. A and staff, for helping my little friend to feel well again. I am so glad I found you!!!
Posted By :    Annie
Posted :    10/6/2014
Comments :    Dr. A and his staff have been excellent caregivers to my dog Sasha who has been with this group since he was 4 months old. I would recommend this group for both health and boarding. They are kind and gentle with all of their clients. The blend of east-west medicine works wonders with healing and because it reduces dependency on chemical drugs, it seems to better protect the pets future health. I wish the human medical profession used this type of medicine more and with the understanding of it that Dr. A has. ***** 5 stars!!
Posted By :    Andrea Valluzzo
Posted :    9/27/2014
Comments :    Had a great visit with you today, your techs did a fantastic job with Boo, trimming his nails has always been a challenge but it went so easy today, thanks to the great care we got!
Posted By :    Karen S.
Posted :    9/15/2014
Comments :    Dr. A & his entire staff have always given Annie the best care with compassion & professionalism. They always answer all of my questions & explain all treatments & meds when needed. They are the best!
Posted By :    Von Ann Stutler  (
Posted :    9/11/2014
Comments :    Dr A, Pam and their staff always provide the very best in professional care for all your animals. A wonderful combination of Western and Eastern medicine, offering more treatment possibilities then you can get anywhere else. Nowhere will you find more loving care.
Posted By :    Beth
Posted :    8/18/2014
Comments :    We wouldn't bring our dogs anywhere else....loving, professional care with dedicated, happy, committed staff. Thank you all for being so professional and dedicated. High five from a 161/2 and 6 yr. old Eskie....
Posted By :    Keith Wolff  (
Posted :    7/21/2014
Comments :    I board my dog who has health issues with Valley Vet and she gets excellent care. Additionally, DR A is her vet and he has provided care that I believe has not only extended her life, but extended her quality of life.
Posted By :    Leni Weintraub
Posted :    6/27/2014
Comments :    It took me too many years to find my 'go to' vet! I completely trust Dr.A and his staff to treat my dog, Charlie, as if he were one of their own. Dr. A's extensive training in so many alternative areas along with his warmth with my dog gives me so much confidence that Charlie could not possibly be in better hands. Dr. A is a vet who truly listens before he speaks, and his compassion is consistently evident...I never need to question my hour drive for appointments.
Posted By :    Nancy Shilling  (
Posted :    5/14/2014
Comments :    I am so so happy My Doggie kids are under the care of Dr. A. and his staff. They are so caring and I have total confidence in Dr. A. Thank goodness finally found our forever Vet for our kids!!
Posted By :    Lisa Hutchinson
Posted :    5/14/2014
Comments :    Lillian and Beatrice are doing well! Thank you all! :)
Posted By :    Debbie Cawley
Posted :    5/5/2014
Comments :    We have been clients of Dr A at Valley Vet Hospital for years and years! I am always amazed how much love Dr A and his staff give to every single the pet that comes through the doors for a visit - I couldn't imagine taking my pets anywhere else.
Posted By :    Terry B.
Posted :    3/7/2014
Comments :    Again, I thank you Dr. A and your wonderful gals for helping resolve Cooper's health issues. I do appreciate everyone's responsiveness to my concerns. A+ service. Best, Terry
Posted By :    Kim Rogg  (
Posted :    1/14/2014
Comments :    We have been taking our pets to Valley Vet for years. We couldn't imagine what it would be like to not take our special members of the family to Dr. A and his staff!
Posted By :    Amanda  (
Posted :    1/8/2014
Comments :    Always a pleasure dealing with Dr.A and his staff. They have always given our animals exceptional care whether it is an emergency (had a couple) or regular visits. I always recommend Valley Vet or Squibnocket.
Posted By :    Lee and Matt Lesser  (
Posted :    12/11/2013
Comments :    Our canine children are always met with kindness and competence from Dr. A and his wonderful staff. We can't thank them enough.
Posted By :    Elizabeth Cain
Posted :    11/8/2013
Comments :    As with all our visits, Daisy is treated exceptionally. I am always amazed that the staff knows all the animals that come in and all their quirks. When all others have said there is nothing they can do for my pet, Dr A has her continuing to be healthy and happy.
Posted By :    Amy S
Posted :    9/4/2013
Comments :    I appreciate all your help with my dog- I still am amazed that she can look better at this age by giving her such a better diet. I was told her dog food that I bought at the store for years was good for a dog! Big mistake that was- thanks Dr A for making me see what a difference food can really make in a pet's health.