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Aquatic Treadmill           


      Using the natural properties of water, the underwater treadmill creates a low impact workout that helps pets increase muscle strength and endurance.  It also allows easier range of motion.

      Treatments can be customized through variable water heights, accommodating different sized dogs and can be adjusted for various weight bearing exercises.  Water buoyancy reduces gravity during exercise.  The limbs bear less body weight in water, reducing pressure on painful joints during therapy. Water pressure also helps to reduce swelling. Warm water (84 degrees) is used to assist in pain.  Aquatic therapy provides the opportunity for many of our patients to perform exercises in water, using their limbs, that due to circumstances they would not be able to perform.           

   Overall, this is a great method of rehabilitation, providing our patients with the opportunity to strengthen muscles without pressure on their joints.  Important benefits of the hydrotherapy include: muscle strengthening, increased cardio-vascular stamina, neuromuscular re-education, earlier return to function, overall conditioning and weight management.